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LVAD Slideshow  
*4/24/12*: There is a patient now home from SLC with a Left Ventricular
Assist Device (LVAD) in place in his chest. He lives in the CFD Ambulance
Service Area, but may be encountered by EMS anyplace in the County.

The LVAD acts as his left ventricle, and actually pumps his blood. If it
fails, clogs or runs out of power, he will be in cardiac arrest. 
There are a few subtulties to the care and feeding of this device if he calls EMS
with problems. There are a few subtulties to CPR/ACLS care if his device

The attached powerpoint slideshow from his specialists in SLC detail the
device and some of the nuances EMS needs to be familiar with.

The first 13 slides overview the device for you.

Slide 14 is where what EMS really needs to know/do begins.

Please review this slides show, and be prepared to assist this gentleman
and his family if they require MCEMS.

Best, bd

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