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The bougie and You  

I am introducing a bougie-type intubation stylet for use by I's and P's. You are NOT allowed to use it until you go through the Airway station at a 2011 ALS Skills session, and are signed off on it's use.

It is a great airway tool when you cannot see the cords well- safe, effective, and will often bail you out. 48% of our missed intubation attempts in 2010 were due to “poor visualization”. I believe this tool will help. Get to an ALS Skills session SOON if you are an I or P so you can put this in your bag of tricks. Don’t wait until the December ALS Skills- get to CFD in July!

If you use the Bougie on an intubation attempt, be sure to state this in your SOAP narrative; and get your QA Director the incident number as I want to see how we are doing with it.

The 5 minute video below goes through all the important points of the use of an intubation stylet- take a look. I will be showing this same video at all 2011 ALS Skills sessions.

 Bougie Cheat Sheet

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