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What’s This Email Thing?  
What’s This Email Thing?

Here is our promise: We will not flood your email account with extraneous junk. But we will use this email list to remind you of upcoming events, important changes, and new documents or information you should be aware of.

Each email will have a link in it. Clicking that link will take you directly to this website, and the information we want you to see. Fast. Easy. No hassles.

The goal is to keep you in the loop with MCEMS in a simple and easy-to-use fashion.

If, after subscribing, you do NOT receive a confirmatory email from the website asking if you really want to subscribe (required by law)- check your “spam/junk” folder for this confirmatory email- click to tell your account that these emails are not spam, and you are golden.

Several people have gotten an “error” message when signing up, but they are indeed being signed up. So don’t sweat it if you get an error message; watch your inbox and your spam/junk box for a confirmatory email from my site- then you know you are in.

You can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time- so give it a go. Thanks.

… and we will never give or sell your email address to anyone!

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