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For Probationary EMTs  

For Probationary EMT's

Icon 2017 MCEMS System Probationary Office Hours

Probationary Office Hours Schedule for Dr. Buschorn and Dr. Hall

Icon EMS System Introduction PPT
  • Introduction / Orientation to the Mesa County EMS System for new employees
Icon FTO Workbook v10.0
  •  Discuss this booklet with your Agency Field Training Officer (FTO); they will fill it out with you.
Icon Mesa County EMS CQI/QA Program Tracking Handout
  • Checklist for new and/or probational EMT's in Mesa County.
  • This copy is for you to help you stay on track.
Icon Probation Tracking Tool v2.0
  • Complete the First box on this form, have it signed by your Agency, and bring it to your first probation meeting.
  • This form explains in detail how Probation works in MCEMS.

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