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This is the website for Mesa County EMS providers. The goal is to improve communication from the Medical Director and the Mesa County EMS Coordinator to you; and to provide a simple and easy-to-use place for all of the information, documents and resources you need to keep up to date with MCEMS.

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EMS Council Scholarship

The Mesa County EMS scholarship was created by the EMS Council to encourage conference attendance at the national level to allow networking with other EMS providers and instructors outside of our system.

The scholarship amount is $1500.00

For information and application instructions, see: Mesa County EMS National Conference Scholarship Application and Information.pdf

Carfentanil Warning for EMS and Law Enforcement Personnel

There is a potent drug (opioid) called Carfentanil that is being mixed with heroin or being sold as heroin. It is cheap and easy to order on the internet

See:EMS and LEO Carfentanil Warning

Dispatch EMD QA Email Address

Dispatch Field Feedback Report

Mesa County EMS Coordinator

Chris Rowland
215 Rice Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Office: (970) 255-5078
Cell: (970) 812-7151
Fax: (970) 244-3503

Mesa County EMS Medical Director  

Dr. Glenn Burket III, DO
Colorado West Emergency Physicians
St. Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center
2635 N. 7th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Cell: (970) 296-0355
Fax: (970) 244-2818