2011 ALS Skills lecture.pdf

2011, ALS Skills lecture

2014 Squad Review - Spring/Summer 2014.pdf

Hemmorrhage Control, Sepsis Overview

Brain and Stroke.pdf

by Garrett DeHaan

Cold Related Illness.pdf

Environmental Illness - Cold Related Concerns

CPR Update.pdf

2013, trimester 2, SR lecture

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.pdf

Statutory Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect

Oxygenation and Airway Update for MCEMS.pdf

2012, trimester 3, SR lecture

PALS for Dummies.pdf

2011, trimester 1, SR lecture

Protocol Updates.pdf

Stroke Presentations, EKG transmission, Backboards, Needle decompression

Refusals and Non-Transports.pdf

2013, trimester 1, SR lecture

Squad Review Fall and Winter 2013.pdf

2013 T3- CVA, EKG, needle, CS

Trauma Topics.pdf

2011, trimester 3, SR lecture